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Roll-Out Installation Guide


Included with each rollout drawer:

1. Slides attached (2)
2. Door Protectors attached (2)
3. Screws, self tapping 5/8" (8)


Tools you will need:

1. #2 Phillips screwdriver (power driver recommended)
2. Pliers (optional)
3. Flashlight (optional)

*Each rollout will take approximately 5-15 minutes to install. The more you do the easier it gets.




Step 1: Unpack each of your new rollout drawers

Look for the sticker label on the bottom of each drawer. The label will have a line # that coincides with a line # on your order form. This will help you locate the rollout drawer for the appropriate cabinet.


Step 2: Remove slide locks (optional)

We recommend removing the slide locks for ease of installation, but they can be left on during installation if you choose. Extend both slides at least 6" past the back of the drawer. Use a pair of pliers to remove the slide locks from the back of each slide. (Slide locks are black rubber)


Step 3: Align rollout drawer

1. Place the appropriate rollout drawer into the cabinet.
2. The front of the rollout drawer should be aligned with the back of the face frame – not the front face of the cabinet (for European cabinets place rollout at least 1⁄2" back from front edge of the cabinet)
3. Check to see that the cabinet door closes properly.
4. Make sure that both slides are pulled to the forward position.


Step 4: Attach rear brackets

1. Slide drawer forward 6" to 8" to expose the rear brackets. (Be careful not to shift the slides or brackets out of place).
2. Install 1 screw (provided) in each rear bracket.
3. Slide drawer closed and check the alignment of the drawer and make sure that your cabinet door closes properly.


Step 5: Attach front brackets

1. Slide drawer forward to expose front brackets and install 1 screw (provided) in each front bracket.
2. Recheck alignment (drawer should slide freely all the way in and out of the cabinet)
*If drawer does not slide feely or your alignment is not satisfactory remove screws and repeat steps 4 & 5.


Step 6: Finishing the installation

1. Slide the rollout drawer all the way out of the cabinet and install the 4 remaining screws.
2. Replace the slide lock (optional) to both slides.


Congratulations you have just installed a rollout drawer that will give you years of convenience and satisfaction!


For customer support please call 1-877-822-0506

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